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Fishing Report
Dec 17, 2014

It’s been another great week here in Steinhatchee! The trout have continued their move on up

into the river and have heard reports of fish being caught all the way up river near the

Steinhatchee Landing Resort.

More quality fish have also started arriving as well. The past few weeks you have needed to

continue fishing the flats to catch bigger fish, while in the river you could expect one out of ten

to be a keeper. But this week things have changed, I have fished several areas in the river with

much better average sized fish and have produced some well over 20 inch fish as well. Things

are just continuing to get better and better. If you stop in an area and catch a lot of fish under

15 inches just go ahead and move on somewhere else. They are fun to catch for a while but no

need to waste your time as there are plenty of keeper sized fish in the river now.

MirrOlures, live shrimp under a cork and Saltwater Assassin baits on a jig head have all been

producing well. Any color with pink in it has continued to work well; I have primarily been

throwing the Pink Ghost or PT2000 color patterns.

If the weather permits and you want to venture out onto the flats you can still find plenty of

good fish there to be caught as well. Look for deeper areas like around creek mouths and up

into the creeks when the tides permit. Just be careful and watch the tide schedules closely or

you may spend more time up in the creek than you had planned.

Hope to see you soon on the water and take care!

Capt Mike Farmer

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